Antiquity – a journey back in time.

Some of the worst films and movies we’ve ever seen?  The ones where a pathetic, non-believable attempt has been made to recreate some historic or mystical place.  The visual arts depend upon believability.  Audiences need to believe they are being taken to another place and time, a site of antiquity rather than a studio, before they buy in to the characters or the story-line.  Without the right setting, everything else is a waste.


What do we mean by ‘antiquity’?

Wikipedia defines antiquity as “any period before the Middle Ages (476–1453), but still within the period of Western civilization-based human history or prehistory.”  But we at Location Shoots Worldwide like to stretch that definition just slightly.  We like to think of it in terms of a location that transports the observer to a far earlier time.  The pictures at the top of this page should give you an idea of what we mean by the term ‘antiquity’.


Why is antiquity important for a location?

That depends upon what you are trying to achieve, your budget, and many other factors.  Probably the most important consideration of all has to be the continued condition of the site itself; if your shoot involves destroying or harming the location in any way, then filming on location isn’t for you.  We at Location Shoots Worldwide are firm believers in the adage ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’.  The ancient majesty of what we’ve been left with by past generations needs to be gifted, by us, to future ones.

In this age of 4K presentations, UHD TV sets, and all the new technology finding its way into your audiences’ posession, every last little detail is important.  Audiences can spot a fake – and you want your project to be renowned as a masterpiece – not as an anecdote for sloppiness or low standards.  Thats why it should be important to you to film or shoot on location, at the right location, in exactly the right way.


What we can do for you.

There are many ancient sites around the World.  Many of them have not yet made it into everyones awareness – your industry has yet to find these sites.  We know where they are – and we can  show you.

So many sites are protected.  And with good reason – as was stated earlier, they need to be preserved for future generations.  What that means for the artist however, is an insurmountable pile of paperwork.

Feel free to leave it to us!  Our teams of lawyers, located all over the world, are used to cutting through the red tape that restricts access to these heritage sites.  We will take care of permissions, work permits, and every legal prerequisite and obstacle thrown in our way.  We even know which officials to reward, and how.  If Location Shoots Worldwide cannot gain you access to these important places around the world, then nobody can.  We’ll find you another location instead!


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