Choosing a beach as your location.

We’ve heard it said that approximately two thirds of this planet we call home is covered by water.  If that’s true, then one can only estimate the sheer number of beach available – beaches of all descriptions, shapes, sizes, and different environments.

Even at this early stage, important considerations need to be made about the kind of beach you’re after.  It’s probably the biggest decision you’ll make over the success of your entire location shoot.

What kind of beach do you need?  We know where to find the very best shingle beaches in the World.  We know where to find entirely natural stretches of beach that seem to go on forever.  They look as though no human being has ever been there before.  Only they have – representatives of the Location Shoots Worldwide team,  renowned experts in bringing the photographic and film industries to the very best settings and scenes this world has to offer.


The perfect sandy beach

Sandy beaches can be found more or less everywhere.  We know of sandy beaches inside the Arctic Circle – that doesn’t make it the perfect location for your next calendar shoot!  So as well as the question of climate, it’s important to consider the colour and nature of the sand.  The colour and calmness of the water is important.  And think about the background – what do you want in the distance or on the horizon of your picture?

The fact is that we are the experts you need to talk to.  Even if all you have is a rough idea of the kind of scene you’d like, let us know via our Contact Us page.  We will identify the ideal beach for your needs, within your reach and within your budget.  And if you need help with getting yourself and your equipment and personnel there, we can sort that out for you to.

Nobody else in our industry offers a bespoke, tailored service to match ours.  Get in touch with us today, and let’s make your next project the one that defines your career.

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