The style of buildings you may need for your location shoot.

Those buildings you’re picturing in your head?  That church, cathedral, monastery, nunnery, castle, fort, mill, or anything else?  We can probably find it for you – and cut through the red tape to make your project happen.

Most of the time, Location Shoots Worldwide is called upon to find a specific style of location out in the wilds.  It might be a particular style of desert, for example, with cacti in the foreground and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  Or a perfect, idyllic beach.  But sometimes a location might be sought that’s man-made.  And whilst these kind of things may be fairly easy to make in a modern studio, sometimes the only workable option is to go find the right location.

Which is where we come in.


Why buildings matter.

It isn’t just about the colour of the walls.

Ask anyone that’s been to downtown Paris.  Or London, Venice, or any other city that’s famed for its architecture.   The buildings matter.  They imbue a kind of a spirit, a sense of feeling, that – even in the hands of the most skilled photographer or filmmaker – is hard to capture on film.  Let alone fake in a studio.

Far better to go there and shoot on location – if you can.  If your working party is small, then it’s fairly easy to accomplish.  But if you have a lot of staff, actors or models, plus all the equipment, then you’re well advised to leave all the logistics to the professionals.


Finding the right buildings.

But what do you do if you can’t find the right building?  What then?

If there is a particular style of building you have in mind – but cannot find anywhere – then you need to Contact Us.  We have the resources to locate whatever kind of building you require.  If the building you require is of a historical significance, of religious or spiritual importance, or just has a particular air about it that you wish to capture, let us know.

Take a look to browse our gallery.  There’s a whole world out there for you to capture through your art, and we know where to find exactly what you need.  We can save you time and money in making your own search, and even take you there.

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