Life in the city.

The pulsing heart of a nation.  A modern city never sleeps – there is always something going on.  It’s a full-on, 24-hour lifestyle.

Which can often make urban areas the perfect place for a location shoot.  The grittiness of the urban life.  The colours.  The people.  The constant pace of change.

But which city?  Aren’t they essentially all the same?


Finding the perfect city.

We all have at least one city we’re perfectly familiar with.  Maybe it’s where we grew up, or where we went to University.  Perhaps it’s somewhere we visited at some point, or a place of work.  We may feel like we know every inch of that city.  It’s personal.

But does that make it the ideal setting for a location shoot?

Not to the professional.  Our network of expert location scouts have been to virtually every city around the World.  Their level of local knowledge is beyond comparison.  They know the parks, the streets, the tourist areas, the business districts, the suburbs.  They know the right people to talk to and where to find them.  They know the beauty spots as well as they know the rough, dangerous areas.  They know the people.  They know urban life.


Bringing urban life to you.

The depth of our collective, local knowledge is now available to you.  We have all the local information on tap that you will ever need.

Have you got a mental image of the scene, the setting that you are looking for?  Can you picture the situation you would like to capture in your art?

Use the Contact Us form to let us know what you require.  We can find you exactly what your art demands.  Anywhere around the World.  In every town.

If we can’t find it – the chances are that it doesn’t exist.


The forbidden city.

Cities can be dangerous places.  Which is another reason to put yourselves in our capable hands.

We know when and where you will be safe, in any city around the World.  Our military &security-trained personnel will ensure the safety & well-being of your entire team.

Need accommodation – to a specific budget?  We can help.  Need storage?  Transport?  Equipment hire?  Catering?  Medical safeguards?  We have more than enough contacts with local knowledge.

We will take care of all these, and more.  Leaving you to concentrate on creating amazing pictures, in any city, anywhere in the world!


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