Asleep in the desert.

There’s a desert of sorts on pretty much every continent around the World.  And we have been to them all.  Deserts are, by their nature, bleak and desolate places – although surprisingly, many support wildlife.

Let it be said right at the beginning; deserts are dangerous places.  Your safety and well-being is of paramount importance.  We will alert you to the dangers and ensure the safety of your entire crew (all of our staff are survival experts in any hostile terrain).


A different kind of desert.

As well as the cliché of a desert made of perfect sand dunes (and we know where to find beautiful, flawless sand dunes, in a kaleidoscope of colours) we know of deserts with a stony, almost lunar landscape, as well as where to find dunes of shingle or other materials.

We know where to find all kinds of rocky backdrops, on the horizon, the middle distance, or in the foreground.  Cacti?  You wouldn’t believe the size of some of the ancient, almost alien plants we can take you to.  Roads?  No roads?  Near the sea?  We probably know the perfect spot.   Tell us what you envision – we will save you time and money in your search, because the chances are, we’ve been there already.

We can take you to a sandy, rocky desert we know with regular blizzards.  We will escort you to the Savannah if you’d prefer – we have local contacts in many of the World’s nomadic tribes, which will make your shoot easier, provide local extras if required, and even provide you with safe and protected access to wild animals.

Then there are the great frozen deserts – the polar regions.  Our experienced legal representatives will ensure all permits and visas are taken care of, as well as ensuring the precious, sensitive landscape remains unaffected by your activities.


Finding the right desert.

Got a project in mind?  Why not use the Contact Us form and let’s talk through your ideas.  The World is full of new locations that have never been used before – why not use your imagination and creativity, and come up with something the World has never seen before?


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