The law of the jungle.

Our delicate patches of jungle around the world are, quite rightly, heavily protected these days.  Nobody would argue with the need to protect them – they are the “lungs of the planet” after all.  Not only are they protected for the welfare of the animals, but to protect the fragile Eco-systems as well as any potential harm which might befall any visitors.

As visitors to the jungle, we all have an obligation to leave these places the way we found them.  We have a responsibility to our future generations to preserve them as best we can, and to act in a responsible manner whilst we are there.


Protecting you, and the jungle.

This is where the care and stewardship of Location Shoots Worldwide comes into its own.  Through our trusted professional guides, we will ensure that you get to the exact piece of jungle that you’ve visualised in your mind all along (and if we can’t find it for you, it probably doesn’t exist!)  Even if you don’t have a predetermined idea of the kind of location you need, you’re welcome to Contact Us and ask our advice.  We’ll help you to find somewhere acceptable to you, perfect for your needs, and within budget.  And we’ll get you there if you need us to.  And we’ll bring you home safely….


It’s a jungle out there.

There’s no getting away from it – the jungle is a particularly dangerous place.  Up to 90% of the World’s species live in rainforests.  They are the World’s oldest eco-systems, with plenty there incongruous with our modern, urban lifestyles.

We can advise you of the type of inoculations you will require ahead of your location shoot.  We will educate you as to what the hazards are and how they are best avoided.  We can even recommend which sunscreen and insect-repellent is the most effective!  Your biggest danger is of course the heat and humidity – we will educate you, your staff, and your cast how they can be prepared to sidestep these dangers in the most effective way.

Location Shoots Worldwide will assist you to take only pictures.  We will ensure that you leave only footprints – and kill only time.



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