The majesty of the mountains.

We at Location Shoots Worldwide believe that there is no location, no scenery, that’s as breathtaking – as awe-inspiring – as the mountains.

Perhaps it is their size, their inhospitable nature, or the remoteness which is the draw; different mountains have different aspects of their appeal.  Mountains can be found the World over – yet no two mountain ranges are alike.  They all appeal in different ways.

Heading for the mountains.

You probably have very specific reasons for wishing to include mountains in your location shoot.  Perhaps you wish to use them purely as a backdrop.    Perhaps you’d like to create your art a little closer to them – in the foothills perhaps.  Or in a valley.

We can assist you in any of these endeavors.  Contact Us to let us know what you’re looking for.  The sense you’re trying to evoke, the kind of landscape features you’re looking for.  Paint us the picture that’s in your head.  We will find you the exact style of location you’re looking for – and if we can’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist.

Location Shoots Worldwide are the unparalleled experts in this area.  Whilst we do not all come from cinematic or photographic backgrounds, we are proud of our many years spent exploring the surface of this globe.  We can confidently say that nobody knows the geography of this planet as well as we do.

Kings of the mountains.

A location shoot isn’t just about creating amazing pictures.  There’s more to it all than making award-winning art that will remain relevant for generations to come.

There’s the safety of your crew, as well as your actors and models.  There’s the feasibility of the entire project – considering the seasons, the possibility of avalanches and rock-slides, the accessibility to certain regions.  There is the local political climate and civil unrest (the Kashmir region is one of the most spectacular mountain regions in the World, yet one of the most dangerous to Westerners, for example).

The best thing you can do with your location shoot?  Put yourself in the hands of the professionals.  We will find you the mountains that best match your vision.  As an extra service, we will take care of permits and visas.  We will undertake all of the logistics.  And we will ensure the safety of all your personnel.

Concentrate on making amazing pictures.  And leave the rest to us.

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