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Who we are.

We offer a range of bespoke, high quality services to all of our customers.  In this era of newer visual standards – iMax, UltraHD, to name but two – as well as higher audience expectations, appearances are everything.  CGI has its place but it can only do so much.  It is unrealistic to expect a computer to authentically recreate the sight and sound, the atmosphere, the quality of light and the overall feel that comes from shooting on location.

And not just any location will do!  It has the be the right one.  A location that evokes a particular mood to your piece of work, that conveys emotion and becomes as much the star of the show as your actors or models.

Our policy of customer confidentiality prevents us from detailing the individuals and organisations we have been able to assist so far.  Suffice to say that our clients have included large-scale cinematic recordings, to calendar and magazine shoots, to amateur camera clubs on a weekend.


The services we offer.

We are happy to provide information only, or to escort and guide you during your trip, or to organise scouting helicopter flights, according to your budget.  Our Location Shoots Worldwide fields of expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Flights
  • Acommodation
  • Equipment transportation services
  • Local tax breaks
  • Import licencing
  • Local law & religious practices
  • Visas & Work Permits
  • Authority permissions
  • Equipment hire
  • Health & Safety
  • Helicopter hire
  • Catering services
  • Security services
  • Communications
  • Negotiation
  • Translation
  • Ecological responsibility
  • Weather planning
  • Ethics
  • Hostage situations
  • Sea survival
  • Community relations
  • First Aid

Perhaps that list has brought your attention some of the potential minefields that go with shooting on location!  We at Location Shoots Worldwide use our expertise to deal with situations even before they arise, leaving you to concentrate on the filming.  We work very closely with the UK Foreign Office for example, to ensure your safety and to facilitate your project’s completion.


No TWO projects are the same.

Every location shoot is different, which is why we refuse to offer ‘off-the-peg’ pricing and solutions.  A project for a Hollywood studio will always be different to a Calendar Shoot.  Which is why we invite you to Contact Us in the first instance and give us a rough idea of what you’d like.  We’ll enter into no-obligation dialogue with you and establish a way forward and a timetable that’s do-able.  You will be pleased that you made the right choice.

If you just require advice on where to find the right location for you, we can help.  If you’d like us to plan and organise an entire expedition or location shoot, we can do that too – and everything in between.

We’ve all heard the horror stories from other people’s location shoots; it is our job to provide a service that makes sure that yours has the greatest possible chance of success.  Please use the Contact Us form and let’s start talking about how Location Shoots Worldwide can help you.


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