The perfect rural scene.

The rural peace of the countryside.  The perfect pastoral scene.  There isn’t that much that can really beat it.


What do we mean by ‘rural’?

The UK Government defines ‘rural’ as being opposite to ‘urban’, and “if they fall outside of settlements with more than 10,000 resident population”.


Picture-perfect pastoral scenes.

It could be argued that we might all secretly hold a particular image of ‘rural’ in our minds.  It’s a place where we go to escape urban life.  We breathe air that’s cleaner than in our cities, and relax to a (supposedly) more sedate way of life.  It’s somewhere we can escape to in order to escape modern life.  We each have an image of our own, personal pastoral idyll.


Hold that thought.

This opens the way to so many possibilities.  Instead of just shooting in a studio, now there is the potential to bring your art to the open, rural countryside,  There is a big, beautiful world out there – and Location Shoots Worldwide is strongly positioned to be your best possible guide to it all.

Every member of our skilled and experienced team has the kind of knowledge that others can only dream about.  Our guides each have specialisms that will find you that exact location that you’re picturing in your head right now.  And our experience and skill will get you there safely too.  Our team has the local/global knowledge that others just wish they had.

If you have even the vaguest notion of the kind of scene you’d like, just Contact Us.  Let us know your intentions, your budget, and where you are now.  Tell us what we can do for you.

Our service to you can be as simple as an email, with an address or name of a location that’s right for you.  The other end of the scale – undertaking the whole of your logistics and security needs for hundreds of people – is equally doable.

Location Shoots Worldwide do not claim to be film-makers or expert photographers.  If you wish for someone to show you how to do your job, please look elsewhere.  Instead, we pride ourselves on our refined ability to do ours.

If it’s on the surface of this planet, we will find it for you.

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