Water amazing location!

Picture a natural, tranquil scene in your mind.  Right now.

Now picture the opposite.  The unstoppable, powerful force of nature.  Noise, confusion.  Chaos.

There is a pretty good chance that either of these scenes – perhaps both contained water of some kind.


Water = life.

Where there is water, there is life.  To quote Dr Ian Malcolm, “Life finds a way”.  We have been to some amazing places – even many miles underground – and found life there.  All it takes is H2O.

Think for a moment.  What does your shoot need?  Movement?  Colour?  Vivacity?  Water can provide all of these and more.

But not any old stretch will do.  The most photogenic models will not shine when placed next to a muddy puddle.

But when placed near a scenic stretch of riverside, for example – a real show-stopper – and the scene will come to life.  Just look at the Slideshow, above, and see how water adds something to a scene.  You won’t get this effect in a studio, sometimes only the real thing will do.


Water from above.

Some stretches of water are vast.  There are lakes on our planet, as big as seas.  With all the stretches of water around the World, how do you know you’ve got the right one?

This is where our local, global knowledge comes into it’s own.  Using one of our qualified and experienced chopper pilots, we can show you some of the most breathtaking scenery, anywhere.  Unshot, unexploited, you would be the first to shoot it.  Why?  because only Location Shoots Worldwide knows it’s there.  We are the only ones that have been there, and know its true potential.

Why not Contact Us and let us know what you have in mind?  We might know the ideal site, right on your doorstep.  We might know somewhere even better, and even get you and your crew there safely!

You can manage your own logistics – we are confident that the money saved by our efficient and experienced people will far outweigh the cost of our services.

If you want your Art to be the very best it can be – game-changing Art – then you need the best equipment.  And the best location for your shoot.  And the best people.

That’s us.

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